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Our Work &
What We Do

When we go into a home we will talk with all the family members to find out how the paranormal activity affects each person. Then we will walk around the property and check out the activity, check for portals, wormholes, artifacts and doorways to other dimensions. Next  we will go into the most active room/space and perform a 'Shamanic journey' to visit the spirit beings there. We journey 'spirit to spirit' and talk with them about why they are there and what they need in order to move on. Sometimes we meet  gatekeepers and dark entities who cause havoc for the family  and other spirits and we will  perform extractions/exorcisms to release and heal the home and family members.

After the 'journey' we will use the drum to dislodge any other energies that are still in the house and open all the windows to allow them to leave. Then we smudge the home with a bundle of herbs  inside and out and follow with salting the perimeter of the house, and inside. If guided we will close open vortex's down and will open star portals away from the property to allow spirits to go back to the source.

We do bless property's with holy water and prayers as well as all family members including animals and birds.

We are professionals at what we do and have the highest regard for all beings.

All our home and land blessings are confidential and we do not share your information with anyone unless you choose us to.





Mission Statement

Our main mission it to bring peace and balance to the living and the spirit world. We work in ethical and respectful ways to clear homes, land, business and people from spirit infestations.

Join Our Team

Team Member Info

This team works with a holistic approach to bless and clear people's homes, buildings, and land of disembodied spirits, demonic entities, shadow beings, curses and much more. If you have been on my 6-month Shamanic course or have high psychic ability in which-ever form, please text or call 920 883 8290, or email for consideration for training. 

How to Contact Us?

If you need help for spirit infestations, possessions, attachments for yourself, family, business, or the land - please text or call 920 883 8290, or email

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Team Founder - Deborah Murphy


My name is Deborah Murphy nee Chinana and I have been working in this way for over 30 years. I am a professional in what I do and can communicate with the spirit world easily. I have trained hundreds of people in the art of holistic healing and Shamanic practices. I go where no-else wants to go regarding facing negative entitles, demonic infestations, shadow beings etc... I believe in my own spirit guides and helpers who aid me in my work. I bring this team to you as a helping and guiding tool to bring balance back into our homes and lands.

I also work with The Fox Valley Ghost hunters who send me difficult cases where I or my team will investigate, talk with and aid trapped spirits in moving on.

Contact Info

Please text or call 920 883 8290

Or send me an email at

Windhorse Shamanic Services is located inside the historic Old Bellin Building 130 E. Walnut St. Green Bay, WI 54302

Meet The Team


Julie Shefchik

Hello, my name is Julie Shefchik. I am a Reiki Master/Psychic/Medium/Light Worker/and Shamanic Healer.


I’ve had a connection with spirits ever since I was little. I work with Soul and Power Retrieval, smudging, and extraction of harmful energy. I also do Psychopomp work with past loved ones, traumatic deaths, and suicides.


Helping others find closure and inner peace brings me great joy. Having a strong connection with Archangels and Spirit Guides help me do this. I am here to bring Light and balance to people, places, things, and Mother Earth.

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Dawn Provost

Dawn is a full-time Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic practitioner at Magic Hands Reiki in Stevens Point. Located inside Angels of Awyn, her holistic center where she also collaborates with other Light Workers and offers various intuition and mediation groups, along with Reiki classes.

Dawn’s favorite part of her work in the alternative health field of energy healing and spiritual healing for others, is watching the light turn back on in someone, and they can walk fully on, and even embrace their soul’s true path for their own soul’s purpose. Not to mention, begin to feel so much better in their life as their inner healing and healer begins to work.

This also crosses into the other side of the dimensions where Dawn also enjoys helping spirits cross over who may be stuck, doing Psychopomp work at various places across the state where her explorations have taken her. When spirits get stuck either because they don’t know how to get to the other side, or stuck because they are being held by a dark being against their wishes, or any other variety of reason, it’s so important to help them if one is able. Always feeling connected to Spirit and nature from early on in life, Spirit led her to begin studying Shamanism with Deborah in Sept 2020, and she quickly discovered that this path was a perfect fit for her. She has truly found her heart and soul’s calling in her work as a healer.

She also hosts Raise the Vibe Fairs in Stevens Point, which is the area’s largest alternative health and metaphysical fair twice per year with over 35 vendors.

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Tamara Schimmel

Tamara at "From the Ashes" is a shamanic Reiki master practitioner. Currently providing services in the Chippewa valley region and various Mind, Body and Spirit venues / events.


Tamara began her quest to heal herself in 2017, and in doing so, she tapped into her Native Ancestral wisdom. Tamara's unique style of Reiki is intuitively guided to each client's needs for deep healing and rebalancing of the body mind and spirit. She broadens her focus to healing ancestral trauma and past lives, as well as removing and transmuting heavy energy that may be "trapped", "stuck", or "attached" within the physical or etheric bodies. She then fills those spaces with pure, positive source energy through the Reiki modality as well as her spirit guides and helpers. Throughout the session she may receive Divine messages regarding what her clients may do to help facilitate their personal growth and healing. She is trained in shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, personal power retrieval, finding power animals, and extractions. Tamara is able to properly cleanse and clear homes/properties of negative energies, entities, and beings as well as crossing over lost souls. Performing blessings on properties and homes as well.

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