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Descriptions of Various Healing Modalities Offered

What is Shamanic Healing?
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Shamanic healing is one of the oldest forms of healing on this planet. It is dated back at least 40,000 years and has been found in almost every culture throughout the globe.

The word ‘Shaman’ comes from the’ Envinki’ people in Siberia, meaning ‘the one who knows/the one who sees’. Thus relating to the spirit world in which they interact. In simple terms it describes a person who can at will change his/hers consciousness and traverse multi dimensional realms of reality to obtain empowerment, healing and knowledge for his / herself and the community.

The Shamanic universes are common throughout different cultures. They comprise of The Upper World( the realm of Guardian Spirits, Angelic Beings, Ascended Beings), The Middle World ( the spiritual aspect of this earth dimension), The Lower World ( the realm of Power Animal Allies and our ancestors) and The Land of The Dead (the realm of lost Souls).

The Shamanic Journey is the tool for entering the Shamanic Universe. With the use of a repetitious drum/rattle beat ‘The Journeyer’ moves into an altered state(deep theta brain consciousness) and allows his/her spirit to traverse the multi dimensional universe with the aid of his/hers power animals and helpers.

Today through core Shamanic practices and ancient cross cultural techniques becoming more widely available, many people are beginning to awaken from the illusion/the dream of the third dimension. They are awakening from their sleepy ignorance and are beginning to find their own inner truths, through deep centered awareness and re-connection to the collective consciousness  of the spirit world and beyond.

I believe it is our birth right to find healing, knowledge and clarity for ourselves and the planet. We are all indigenous and if our inner spirit calls us to we can access the Shamanic universes to commune with spirit guides and helpers regardless of culture.

In ancient cultures and up to the modern day, Shamans, Healers, Visionaries, Psychics, Light workers, etc, are bringing light and healing to the plight of “Power Loss’, Soul Loss, Disconnection of the Mind, Body and Spirit and the earth. Only through the guidance of spirit friends and helpers, our Higher Selves and the Creator, can we begin to heal.


Power Retrieval

Where and what is the source of my power ? How do I reclaim it? What is the drain of my power? How do I overcome my fears to be everything I know I can be? From a Shamanic perspective one of the two main causes of illness, is a loss of power or life force. Maybe we have given our power away to our partners, life situations, society, our jobs. One of the greatest signs of soul loss is lack of trust and fear, along with deep dis empowerment when one feels victimized by the universe. Through connections to power animal allies and spirit friends and guardians and finding and reclaiming ourselves we can build a foundation for healing the soul.


Soul Retrieval

One of the most serious forms of power loss is Soul Loss. In a Shamanic sense it is seen as the major cause of illness. When the soul becomes fragmented due to stress, abuse, severe accidents, shock, illness or soul thievery from this life and past lives, we become an open wound. In order for our physical bodies to survive we allow a soul part to dissociate from us and we begin to block out and numb ourselves to emotional pain. The soul part gets locked into the old time frame and until retrieved, remains lost to that person.

The universe cannot tolerate a void and so in order for the emptiness within to be filled, we see people turning to drink or drugs to give a false sense of temporary wholeness. The void can also attract any intrusive negative energy or entity around, which can then lodge itself within the person creating blockages and disease. To become whole then a Shamanic practitioner will travel outside of time and space and retrieve lost soul parts from past lives and from this incarnation.


Past Life Healing

Many times when I perform soul retrieval, I am taken back into a persons past lives. There are events that happened where the person alive today has never resolved or disconnected from. When we understand there is no linear time, then we can accept this as a reality. If a person has suffered soul loss in the past this will be stuck and held in time, sometimes even taken care of by a guardian spirit. So when the soul part is released and comes back, a person may receive deep connections and recollections of the past life. To be able to honor it cherish it and then let it go is a great gift. They can then begin to move forward and experience living fully in the moment.


Intrusions and Extraction

If a person has serious power loss and soul loss they are easy targets for Intrusive energies and or entities to inhabit them. The power of a negative thought form sent to them by someone can lodge itself within a person's auric space and when the person is weakened in any way the energy seeps into the being and can cause blockages, illness etc.

The same goes for an entity which is looking for a host to feed off. Common cases are seen through relatives who have not moved on after their deaths and attach themselves to a living relative. Thus draining them of energy and making them very sick.

Another part of the Shamans work is to detect these intrusions within the body and tease them out. This work is called extraction. Intrusions because of the localized nature in the body tend to produce symptoms of pain, discomfort and illness at a specific location.


Land/House Clearing and Blessings

Many times I am called out to perform ceremonies on the land to release stuck dense energy, ghosts, harmful energies, and asked to bless homes and buildings.

We use a mixture of herbs and salt to dispel low vibrational energy and perform house blessings with our drums, rattles and sacred pipes.

I will also 'Journey' either long distance or on the land to talk to the spirit of the land and spiritual beings that reside there and find out what they need to either be moved on or to be helped in any way.

Sometimes we will open up 'Portals' using crystals to create a sacred doorway for the spirits to move between; helping stuck spirits to find a way back home to the spirit world.

Learn about the new Paranormal team on this page


Animal/Bird Journeys

Animals and birds etc. have a consciousness, spirit, mental and an emotional self. They too experience power and soul loss and can become very sick and depressed due to trauma, abuse, lost companions, negative energy, allergies etc. When power is restored to them and layers of old patterns are dissolved they can heal very quickly.


Each 2 hr Healing session will incorporate a divinatory Shamanic journey and an Energy Work session (if applicable). This will include Shamanic Healing, Energy work and Reiki.

The Shamanic Practitioner will facilitate healing through connecting with personal spirit guides and helpers and lamenting to the spirits on behalf of the client to ask for help with whatever the client needs.

It is important for the client to come prepared with an Intention for the journey as the spirit world works through direct intention and answers in symbolic form to stir the soul.

The client will be smudged down with sage, sweet grass, or cedar with a feather fan to cleanse and release stuck energy from the aura. Sacred space is opened up.

The client will than lay down and relax. The Shamanic Practitioner will call the spirits in from each direction and pray and sing over the client. The Journey begins with the Shamanic Practitioner playing the drum with a repetitive powerful drum beat of over 200 beats per minute. The Shamanic Practitioner 'journeys' on behalf of the client to find healing, direction, purpose, past life connections and healing, connections with passed loved ones, soul retrieval, power retrieval, extraction, etc.

Throughout the journey, the shamanic practitioner will stop and record all that she has seen so nothing is lost. Clients usually experience sensations within the mind, body and spirit of release, euphoria, sadness, lightness, joy, and past life recollection, as they are shown truths that may have been hidden and locked away for so long.

After the Journey the Shamanic Practitioner will blow lost soul parts, and power into the heart and crown chakras of the client, close down chakras and put protection around the body. Connections to Spirit Guides, Angels and Power Animals will be given to the client also. If needed, additional Energy work or Reiki will be done to help the client process and ground.

Usually clients need at least 3-4 Journeys the first year to help them keep moving forward on their healing paths. Every Journey is a powerful experience and clients will need to wait at least 1 month before their next session. 

Some people just come and ask for direction and help whenever needed. Others need a Journey once a month to help redefine goals, healing and direction. I welcome your questions and look forward to working with you.


One of the newest forms of therapy, brainspotting was designed to help people work through experiences of trauma, often seen in post-traumatic stress disorder. This recovery occurs in therapy by helping the person to access the painful memories, process the associated negative emotions, and overcome any lingering psychological pain that might otherwise cause mental health symptoms.

Some psychologists and mental health practitioners view brainspotting as a neuro-biological tool for diagnosis and treatment. It can be used to access, diagnose, and treat emotional and somatic conditions. It is theorized that brainspotting may almost act as a stimulant to promote activity in the brain and body. It is further thought that this will promote the body’s natural healing processes.

David Grand is the developer and most well-known practitioner of the brainspotting approach. He defined the term brainspot as, "The eye position which is related to the energetic/emotional activation of a traumatic/emotionally charged issue within the brain.” This definition formed the base of the theory and the techniques that are used by brainspotting practitioners.

What to Expect During a Healing Session:

The therapist works one on one with the client using a pointer stick for gazing and locating the brain spot. The therapist will move the pointer through the clients field of vision to find it. Once found the therapist can work with targeting the area to increase or reduce emotional reactions to the issues the client wants to let go off. This can happen in one session or may take a few to access different brain spots and release them. Some people are ready to go through the healing while others block the process. Therefore, it depends on the individual. 

We are multidimensional beings and once we begin a path of self healing we must be prepared to work through the layers of ourselves, which need to be processed and cleared. Deborah uses a multi-faceted approach in her brainspotting sessions, as she will incorporate Reiki Ray healing, and Grounding techniques. Oftentimes clients will work with the Shamanic Healing Journey for Soul Retrieval and  Personal Power Retrieval, and brainspotting for a more integrated 'hole body healing'.


Reiki Healing

Reiki symbol.jpg

Usui Shiki Ryoho is a form of Japenese healing brought to the West by Hawayo Takata in the 1950's. Founded by Master Mikao Usui in 1925 the healing technique has been described by him as," The power is unfathomabale, immeasurable, and being a universal life force, it is comprehensible to man. It is universal life energy or divine power."

Rei and Ki are translated into Ray and Energy.. When a person receives the Reiki attunements, they become initiated with the Reiki Ray of healing love and light and can pull from it from the rest of their life. There are many forms of hands on healing and energy work based practices, but Reiki has become very popular in American culture and the west and has been incredibly effective in its practices.

Reiki is a high spiritual practice that came from The Great Brotherhood of Light to the Holy Tibetan lamas and was rediscovered in the late 1800's by Master Mikao Usui who was a Buddhist monk. Master Usui embarked on a 21-day vision quest to seek a connection with spirit and seek higher spiritual truths. on the last morning of his quest. he received visions of rays of light beaming through his third eye and was given the ability to heal. On his return he spent months healing beggars and lepers with Reiki for bowls of rice and food. After a while he noticed that people even though they were healed, kept coming back to the place where he was healing, and they told Master Usui that they would rather be sick than work so hard every day for a living. Master Usui realized that there must be a missing link to his healing work and decided to go back up on the mountain and to quest another vision. This time he received sacred symbols that were like keys to unlock the Chakras of the body and release energy block. Master Usui was also given two precepts for his work which are; Only work on people who want to heal and come asking for your help, for it is they that must desire healing and the other was when you spend time healing someone you must request something in return to keep the balance (this may mean money, a gift or a swap of healing services to honor the healers time and efforts. Master Usui continued his healing for many years and attuned other Master’s who brought Reiki to the western world. Today, Reiki is extremely popular and is being used by local practitioners, families and nurses in top hospital all over the world. Reiki has a profound effect on re-balancing the mind, body and spirit and has been gracious in its gentleness, healing, and miracles.

What to Expect During a Reiki Healing Session:

A typical Reiki Session consists of gentle non invasive hands on healing to the mind, body and spirit. Each session usually lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. The client will lay on a massage table  covered in blankets and have music of their choice playing in the background. The Reiki healer will act as a hollow bone for the healing divine energy to come through into the client to re-balance their energies and provide healing for pain, swelling, sickness, disease, cancers, blood clots, broken bones well as mend a broken spirit, illuminate the soul,clear toxins out and release negative energies that no long serve the clients highest good. The Reiki Practitioner may receive intuitive information for the client in a typical session.


Today Reiki is practiced all over the world. Reiki classes are held once a month for the attunement of the Reiki Master classes. These include:

Reiki I

​The attunement of the Reiki Ray, 21 day clearing process of releasing blocks in the mind, body and spirit,learning how to open and close the chakras and energy field, learning Reiki hand placements and grounding techniques.

Reiki II

​The attunement of the Reiki Ray as well as teaching the Reiki symbols for healing the mind, body and spirit, learning long distance healing symbol and techniques and more advanced methods for healing and the 21 day clearing process.

Reiki III Master Level

​The attunement of the Master Reiki Ray, working with the Master symbol, learning how to use your intuition, the water ceremony, deeper healing techniques and the 21 day clearing process.

Reiki Master/ Teacher Training 

​Teaching a student how to give attunements, create sacred space, teach the techniques of Reiki healing through each level, teach the history to students, give guided meditations, teach the Reiki Symbols, teach basic to advanced healing techniques, print out materials and certificates.

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